Rhianna's Story

03 Aug 2022

In loving memory of Macie

In 2021 I fell pregnant with my first pregnancy, we found out at 12 weeks we were having DCDA twin girls. We were so excited about our family growing. Everything was going smoothly during my pregnancy, and the girls were growing well. At 21 weeks I found out my cervix had shortened and was put on bed rest.

At 23+6 weeks I went into spontaneous labour and went straight to the hospital where they placed me into the birth suite and told me and my husband that the girls were coming now and that my cervix was fully opened. The doctors explained to us the benefits of steroids and magnesium at this time for the babies. I got an epidural placed in and waited for my waters to break. I was in active labour for two days. We got all medications in for babies that were beneficial to them.

On 7th July 2021 at 24+1 weeks the girls were born. Billie was born first weighing 622grams and followed by Macie, weighing 675grams. Both girls were rushed to NICU. They both were dealing with problems with their blood pressure, blood sugars and jaundice. They had umbilical lines, breathing tubes, medications running and multiple scans.

Macie was suffering from a collapsed lung, she was uncomfortable and agitated a lot. They had morphine running to keep her comfortable. On day 6 we were told she had bilateral server brain bleeds. She has abnormal movements at this stage. She developed NEC in her bowel also. At 1am on 14th July we were called into the hospital and told she was deteriorating and had a perforated bowel. They wanted to operate straight away. We went and had a family meeting where the doctors told us about chances of survival and quality of life.

We decided to make her comfortable. For the next several hours, we spent time with her. We had our first cuddle, first twin cuddle, sang to her, read a story and our family was able to come and say goodbye. She took her last breaths and passed away on my chest with her dad and sister close by.

We spent time with her, gave her a bath and got some beautiful photos done. The hardest part leaving her at the hospital for the last time.

We then spent the next 102 days with Billie in NICU where she came home to us. Billie is doing well - talking some premature problems but nothing serious.

I believe Macie was watching down on her sister and gave her the strength to keep going.

We are so grateful we got to meet Macie and have a week with her. We talk about her all the time and will make sure Billie knows she was a twin and all about her sister.

In a few weeks will be the first anniversary of her passing. We have decided to plant her ashes in a tree at Morning Green in Victoria.

It has taken a long time to be able to grieve Macie passing, but each day slowly gets easier. You never get over it, but you do learn how to live with it.

We live our lives knowing we have two beautiful girls, and Macie will always be with us.

Every rainbow, butterfly and Moon I see, I think of you, Macie.

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