Be the raddest, reddest fundraiser you can be!

There's no trick to this one - all you need to do is find a way to 'Rock the Red' before the end of August and raise funds through your network.

Every fundraising event helps keep the Red Nose 24/7 bereavement support free and available for the thousands of families in need.

You can check out some of our ideas below and register your very own red themed fundraiser for Red Nose Day!

A few ways to Rock the Red...

A Movie Night

A red themed movie session at your house, local theatre or school. Popcorn and fundraising always go well together!

Casual dress day

Simple and fun! You can go all out and put on a fancy red outfit, or just wear one red item like a pair of Red Nose Day socks.

Colour your hair

A bold move that will really turn heads. Colouring your hair to help raise funds is a boss level move - are you game enough?

Bake off!

Nothing brings out the competitive side of friends and colleagues like a cooking challenge. A tasty fundraising option!

Run, swim, or ride

Chuck on something red and get going! Create your own endurance challenge or join a local event happening in your area.

Go digital!

Embrace the red through your computer screen. You can even use our zoom backgrounds or digital nose filters.