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01 Aug 2022

In loving memory of Landon Stewart Gore 

The Red Nose bereavement line has helped me get through my darkest days.

I call the bereavement line whenever I need to talk to someone. There is no judgement, and they always listen. It is a comforting feeling knowing someone is available to talk to, 24 hours a day.

My son Landon Stewart Gore was born on 10 June 2022. I had a TFMR (termination for medical reasons) after Landon was diagnosed with spina bifida at my 20-week scan. He also had severe club feet, and his brain hadn’t developed properly.

My hubby Jake and I made the heartbreaking decision to not continue with my pregnancy as our son would have had no quality of life.

Despite his disabilities, Landon was perfect. He had the longest fingers, his Daddy’s lips and nose and had my light blonde hair. Although we chose to not continue with my pregnancy, I truly believe I did what was best for my husband and me, and of course, for our baby boy.

The John Hunter Hospital in NSW gave me brochures on the Red Nose bereavement support service – it is a great support for families going through the loss of their child.

Although you feel extremely alone, you aren’t. Reach out and get support – the Red Nose bereavement support line is always available. You can also find support by joining a Facebook support group or doing counselling, there is help out there.

On Red Nose Day, I will wear red to work and will post on my Facebook page in memory of my beautiful son, Landon.

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