Julianna and Marc’s story

24 Jun 2024

Julianna and Marc’s story

We decided to become involved in fundraising to acknowledge the support we received from Red Nose after the loss of our daughter Odette on January 13th, 2023.

Our lives were turned upside down when a scheduled scan with our obstetrician the day before told us that our beautiful girl’s heartbeat couldn’t be found. Having gone through the past 32 weeks of pregnancy without a problem, this was the last thing we had expected to hear - and completely devastated us.

The care we received from Sara, our Bereavement Support Worker, through the Hospital to Home program Red Nose offers was a great help as we navigated through our grief of losing our daughter.

Red Nose is the organisation that you almost don’t want to know about, until you need them - at that point, you don’t know what you would have done without them.

It was the first time we had fundraised for Red Nose and initially we had hoped to raise $300, however we were overwhelmed by the support of people in our community and ended up raising over $9000.

The people in our lives who contributed to our fundraising weren’t just our closest friends and family either. We had people we hadn’t seen in over 10 years contributing to our tribute page, which shows just how much the loss of a little one can impact a community.

The campaign was an incredibly personal experience for us, and a way we could honour our daughter’s memory that would also help people who find themselves in the same unfortunate position as we did.

The free Red Nose Support Line is available 24/7: 1300 308 307.

Red Nose Day aims to raise $1 million this year, to help save little lives and support grieving families. To register or donate visit

Help families who have experienced a miscarraige by creating your own fundraiser for Red Nose Day today.

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