Jamie’s story

In loving memory of Henry Edward

Henry is our firstborn. He was a fighter and made sure daddy Will got to see him at the 20-week ultrasound. We got to see every part of him and he was perfectly healthy.

All previous ultrasounds were normal and perfect but Henry passed suddenly and unexpectedly 1.5 weeks after the 20-week ultrasound in November 2021. We found out at a routine OB appointment that he no longer had a heartbeat.

Because he was our first baby, we lost our identity as parents to a live baby. We were parents but to the world we weren't because our baby was no longer by our side. All our hopes, plans, dreams to do with our child had been dashed.

The Red Nose 24/7 Grief and Loss support line was critical for me as the days, weeks and months after our loss were the hardest. Triggers happen suddenly and it was good to be able to call someone to pour out my feelings and be heard and comforted.

I still find comfort in Red Nose's posts about pregnancy and baby loss.

To other families experiencing loss I would just say, know you are not alone. The pain is gut wrenching and your immense sadness, frustration, anger, hopelessness, confusion and anxiousness may remain in multiple forms in the days, weeks, months and years to come, but your world will also be filled with happier memories when you find the love to celebrate, remember and memorialise your precious angel.

Although tears still roll down our cheeks when we think of Henry, we also smile because he existed and he taught us how to love our family and friends so much more and to do more good things on his behalf.

There are so many ways to help raise funds and create awareness for Red Nose Day.

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