In loving memory of Katie - Samantha's Story

01 Aug 2022

In loving memory of Catherine Ava (Katie) 

"I found Red Nose through the NICU and palliative care team at PCH and have been receiving support for 6 months now. Their social media posts provide guidance and their online support groups have been invaluable."

Samantha - Katie's Mum

Catherine Ava “Katie” was born on 13 August 2022.

She was born with CHARGE Syndrome, part of which was a heart defect too complex for her to survive. Katie died on 13 September 2022.

Katie was a strong, fierce little girl. She had the most beautiful, soulful blue eyes. She had huge feet, just like her Mummy and was famous for blowing huge snot bubbles.  She loved listening to music and having dance parties but did not like it when Mummy tried to sing.

She loved when big brother Charlie visited and read her The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

As a bereaved parent, I have found that people do not want to mention Katie for fear of upsetting me.  So, if I don’t instigate the conversations, then no one would speak about her.

I want everyone to know that saying their name and keeping their memory alive is so very important to the parents and families.

One of the sayings that helps me during the very dark days is: “Grief is the price we pay for love”.          

When I am so overwhelmed with grief or exhausted by the thought of this being my life forever, I think of this quote and realise that the deeper I feel the grief, I see that as the depth of love I have for Katie.

We were able to capture so many memories with Katie during her last days with us.  Among our mementos we have casts of her hands, feet and bum. We have a custom wooden ruler to the height she was at birth. We have a Birth Poster, which is a 1:1 of the size Katie was when born and includes her birth details.

I have started to write Katie a letter at Christmas for her stocking.  From this year onwards, we will be buying birthday and Christmas presents and donating them to children in need.

My husband Vinnie and I are excitedly looking forward to the birth of little Cameron due in July 2023. A little brother for Charlie and Katie.

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