Breigh's Story

04 Aug 2022

In loving memory of Myleigha

My darling Myleigha was always a miracle baby. I had been told that it could be dangerous for me to have another baby and that if I did the chance of going into early labour and having heart failure were quite high.  

Nonetheless, when I found out I was pregnant I couldn’t wait to meet her. 

Unfortunately, I did go into heart failure. I was rushed to the emergency and ended up having an emergency c-section. As I was in the ICU I didn’t get to meet my beautiful Myleigha until later. The first week was really rough as I was in ICU I often didn’t get to see Myleigha for up to 14 hours.  

Beautiful Myleigha was perfect. She had a tiny little button nose. 

Perfect Myleigha was the final edition to my family. 

After the emergency c-section, I was in the hospital for a week, but we got to go home and all seemed well. Myleigha had the same beautiful brown eyes as both my eldest girls but she also had lots of brown hair, a chunky little face, just like Phoebe, her eldest sister.  

Phoebe, who was four at the time was such a help. She was ready to be a big sister again. She helped me with feeds and was always hanging around at bum-changing times. But still, it was a really tough time. I found feeding, particularly hard due to the very painful c-section scar. Despite this Myleigha was such a good feeder, she was the only baby I’d had success breastfeeding.  

Sofia, who was three at the time, was not as keen to be a big sister or the middle child. She’s my adorable little terror who knows what she wants.  

At five weeks old on the 13 March 2022, Myleigha did not wake up. She passed away from what they are saying was SIDS. 

The hospital put me in touch with Red Nose. I am still struggling. I probably always will. But the counselling team at Red Nose and my Hospital to Home peer support worker are there for me. At the moment I just think it’s going to get harder. It’s still so fresh. I am just trying to get through the hard days.  

I want everyone to support Red Nose Day. One of the hardest things for me is not knowing why my Myleigha is gone. Doing more research into SIDS to find answers will help people whose little ones have died, but also help future families to not experience the same devastation I and my family have.  

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