Suzette Donald

By Suzette Donald

Help me honour someone special this Red Nose Day

Hi friends and family,

I have created this tribute page to honour someone very special to me this Red Nose Day.

My son Keanu was born on 10th Sep 2000 and grew his Angel Wings 16th Sep 2000

This  year has hit me really hard as we should be celebrating Keanu's 21st Birthday and my heart is breaking and we still miss him so much , it feels like yesterday that he was taken from us . My whole family are going through such a traumatic time at m as we wanted to make his birthday special instead lm falling to pieces and my head is all over the place with no one that l can explain how l really feel inside

Keanu my beautiful son Mommy and Daddy will always treasure the week we spent with you and your older siblings but your 2 younger sisters feel so robbed they never got to know you

Always in our heart ,thoughts  and prayers little man................. Love you Daddy, Momma Bear, Jonathon,  Samantha,  Kiefer and younger sisters Keona and Kiera  and your Nephew Elijah

I understand the vital work that Red Nose does to support parents and families all across Australia. That’s why I am showing my support by raising much-needed funds to keep their 24/7 support services free and available for anyone in need.

If you would like to contribute, please hit the donate button and give generously, so that no one has to go through this unimaginable tragedy alone.

The more people that know about the work of Red Nose, the more support they can provide. You can help today by making a donation and sharing my tribute page link with your network.

Thank you for taking the time, your support means a lot.